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On Wednesday, July 29th the DC Adult and Family Literacy Coalition (DC-AFLC) met to celebrate its efforts and victories over the past year and to begin planning its next steps. This was the third annual ‘Big Tent Meeting.’


The DC-AFLC is an alliance of adult learners, educators, advocates, public and private program providers, foundations, and individuals from the District to promote more effective adult education. There are three committees: the Steering Committee, Policy Committee, and Best Practices Committee. Each committee meets throughout the year to prioritize and work on different adult and family literacy issues in the District.


Special guests at the meeting who were honored included DC Councilmembers Charles Allen, David Grosso, and Elissa Silverman.


Councilmember Charles Allen helped raise awareness for adult low literacy through his “Books from Birth” initiative.  Including information about adult education services in each book is an important way of connecting DC residents to the services they need.


“This is a testament to the work you’ve done to really help make sure that you’re advocating and helping arm us, and frankly, convince us, at times, of what’s the right thing to do. I really appreciate the work that you do,” said Councilmember Charles Allen.


Councilmember Charles Allen

Councilmember Charles Allen


Councilmember David Grosso serves on the Career Pathways Task Force. During the OSSE Budget Oversight hearing, Councilmember Grosso helped the DC-AFLC secure a room, so that learners had a place to practice their testimony and enjoy a snack.


Councilmember Grosso spoke in regards to future plans, saying, “The Committee on Education will be holding a hearing on the state diploma question, on how we can move forward with that effort. We’d like the State Board to be engaged to the fully extent, but in the long run, we’re not going to wait around.”



Councilmember David Grosso



Councilmember Elissa Silverman originally introduced the amendment creating the Career Pathways Innovation Fund. She has been a champion for adult education for a number of years. For this, she was awarded the “literacy ninja of the year award.”


“I’ve been to many meetings where advocates get together and want to build power at the Wilson Building, make change, and have a positive impact, and they’re not meeting three years later, being larger with a number of wins. Congratulations to all of you,” said Councilmember Elissa Silverman.



Councilmember Elissa Silverman



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