Southeast Ministry is Everything to Me

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A returning citizen after nearly 30 years, Kevin Gibbs is the epitome of perseverance. Since his return to society, Kevin has worked extremely hard to make up for lost time.

“Southeast Ministry has helped me tremendously, they really gave me a chance to find myself. More than anything, they grounded me after doing nearly three decades in prison.” says Gibbs. “The Southeast Ministry staff showed me so much love, they didn’t judge me, and with open arms. They continue to this day to help me, I’ve been at Southeast Ministry now for three years.”

Through his consistency and persistence, Kevin took advantage of SEM’s job readiness training, private tutoring, and computer skills classes. Kevin also helps with the daily maintenance around the SEM facility, and does so humbly, which speaks to his character and personal growth.

“I promised myself that I wouldn’t be anywhere that I didn’t want to be because I was somewhere I didn’t want to be for so long. I’m still around Southeast Ministry because this is where I want to be,” Kevin says.

Kevin can now say that his hard work has paid off, he earned a government job, and continues to lend a helping hand at Southeast Ministry when he can.

“Southeast Ministry has been a tremendous help starting my life back over, it’s everything to me.”

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