Home Sweet Home

This month has been full of the holiday spirit! Thanks to our friends at Emmanuel Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, our learners have gifts to take home to their families!

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Gifts were given to our learners and their loved ones at our annual holiday party for our program participants and members of our staff. “I thank Southeast Ministry so much, now I have the dignity to be able to give a Christmas gift to my family,” said a SEM learner.

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In addition to the warm holiday spirit shared in fellowship at the holiday party, we were recently informed that one of our learners has passed the new GED exam! This is an amazing accomplishment due largely to the fact that the new GED exam is considered to be a much more difficult exam than the previous version. USA Today recently published an article highlighting the challenges of the new GED exam.

More details about our new GED recipient and his path to success are coming soon.

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