Determined To Get It Done

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We are excited to share that one of our program participants has passed the new GED exam!

Yao Midodji participated in our Adult Basic Education and GED preparation classes for ten months. A native of Togo, West Africa, Yao realized the importance of education, especially in a new country.

“I started coming here the 23rd March, 2015, and I was here for ten months,” said Yao. “When I came here, I didn’t know much about the math and the writing, but during these ten months I really learned a lot of things. I’m just grateful for this great program.”

When asked about the difficulty of the new GED exam, Yao acknowledged that the exam required great effort. “The exam was really hard, it was super-hard, but I was determined to get it done. With hard work, I believe anything is possible.”

Yao says that Southeast Ministry has helped him tremendously, he also stated that he passed on other programs that were closer to his home because of how everyone, staff and learners alike, made him feel. “Southeast Ministry is a great place to learn, with nice people, they really care about us and they really love what they do here. I invite everyone to come and learn here. I came and got my GED, if they really want to get their GED they can come to Southeast Ministry, and with hard work they can also pass the GED test.”

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