DC-AFLC Big Tent Meeting 2016

The DC Adult and Family Literacy Coalition (DC-AFLC) is an alliance of adult learners, educators, advocates, public and private program providers, foundations, and individuals from the District of Columbia to promote more effective adult education. One of its goals is to develop ways for the adult education community to share best practices in DC areas. This coalition was created to facilitate that sharing. The DC-AFLC focuses on sharing best practices in assessment, teaching, curriculum development, management, and more.

On Wednesday, July 20, the DC-AFLC held its annual ‘Big Tent’ meeting of current and potential DC-AFLC members. During the meeting, members reflected on recent work, set priorities for the coming year, and announced the winners of various awards.


Among the award recipients were representatives from the Office of the State Board of Education (OSSE), the DC State Board of Education, and adult learners from a number of adult education programs in the District.

The DC-AFLC advances its mission through the work of three committees: Adult & Family Education Awareness, Best Practices, and Public Policy. A Steering Committee is responsible for the overall direction of the coalition and for coordinating the work of the committees.

Expressing her support for the coalition overall, SEM Executive Director, Valarie Ashley, said, “the committees provide tangible ways to be engaged.”


SEM Executive Director, Valarie Ashley


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