I Decided It Was Time

If you were to enter our doors and sit in on a class, you would be taken away by the active participation of our learners. While each individual has his or her own personality and learning style, classroom sessions are a unique and productive blend of size in numbers and teaching styles, as well as learner participation. The room may be in complete silence as learners are very focused on the subject at hand, or you may find each participant working together to problem solve, which builds camaraderie and confidence.

While some learners may be more vocal than others, there is one in particular who, due to physical limitations, cannot speak, but who’s presence is very much felt.

“Due to a stroke I suffered in 1992, I am unable to speak, and sometimes I have a difficult time understanding certain things,” wrote Donna Brittingham. “I first came to Southeast Ministry on August 11, 2014. I would often pass by, but would not enter.”

According to Donna, dropping out of school was easy to do during her high school years, and once she had two children, she decided to dedicate her time to helping them with their studies.

“Now that my daughters are grown, I decided it was time to finally enter Southeast Ministry’s GED program. Mrs. Harris gave me a chance when other programs wouldn’t,” Donna expressed. “Mrs. Harris saw past my disability. The teaching and support staff are patient, kind, and work with me at my own pace. Southeast Ministry helped me realize that no matter what you’re going through, it’s never over. There is always help when you need it.”

Although she is a very dedicated and focused learner, Donna is often seen smiling and laughing with staff and other learners, spreading her warmth and joy around the building. “My advice to the adults considering Southeast Ministry is to be patient and have an open mind. The work load may seem difficult at first, but a willingness to learn will help you excel. Southeast Ministry is here to help, but you must first want to help yourself. Stay positive and don’t give up on yourself.”


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