My Only Job Was To Get It Done

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The first time Courtney Williams came to Southeast Ministry, he wasn’t able to enroll in our GED prep class. “I talked to Mrs. Harris the first session, she told me it was full, so I came back the second session,” Courtney said.

He did not let that stop him. After having to wait and maintain the motivation to earn his GED, Courtney came back focused on the task at hand, “my only job was to get it done.”

During his time at SEM, Courtney was very engaged in our learning environment, and could often be heard speaking on behalf of his peers, and sharing his personal passion for education and staying on the right track, especially when at times where guest speakers visited SEM, and opened the floor to our learners.

“I like how SEM breaks up the classes, and the afternoon tutoring, it helps a lot. SEM has awesome teachers, great teachers, actually. They didn’t let me fail. I couldn’t do it without them.”

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