Keep On Striving

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In just eight months, Danielle Cooke went from doubting herself to passing the GED exam!

“When I came to SEM, at first I was doubting myself, like I wasn’t really going to learn anything, but something in my mind pushed me to keep coming. Then, I started learning a whole lot,” Danielle says.

“By coming here I got refreshed on my math skills and my reading skills. After a while, everything came back to me, I was able to remember a lot of the math and reading skills that I learned in the past.”

Reflecting on her time at SEM, Danielle smiled widely and said, “the Southeast Ministry staff pushed me and made me comfortable. They gave me belief, and they gave me the motivation to keep on going and keep on striving to get my GED.”

Now that Danielle has her GED, she plans to join the coast guard.

“The first time I took the ASVAB test, I couldn’t remember a lot of the math. Now after coming to Southeast Ministry, I refreshed my math and reading skills, so I know I can pass it.”

Danielle also encourages other adult learners to push through when thing seem difficult.

“Whenever you feel like giving up, keep going, stay motivated. There’s going to be times when you want to quit, but don’t, just keep working hard.”

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