From the Bottom to the Top

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Nina Smith wants everyone to know that “you can be successful.”


Nina was a SEM participant from 2010-2012. “I took the GED class, job readiness, and Byte Back classes – PC for beginners, and Microsoft Office Track. My most memorable experience was speaking in front of the DC Council about a TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) bill that was being passed. It made me realize that regardless of what your situation is, or what you’re going through, you’re somebody.”


Nina has used all that she has learned at Southeast Ministry and earned a managerial position at the Mariott Marquis in Northwest, DC. “No matter what it is, if you put your mind and heart and put the work into it, you can be successful.”


Nina’s success has also positively affected her daughter, who recently has been awarded a $54,000 scholarship to the Hill School, a highly selective preparatory boarding school for boys and girls located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, about 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia.


“My advice is, come to Southeast Ministry and get everything that they’re offering. Eventually you will be able to move on to the next step, go to college or get a job. Southeast Ministry took me from the bottom all the way to the top.”




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