Don’t Ever Give Up

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“Education is a priority, prioritize your life … but don’t ever give up,” says Linda Hunter.

Linda has been coming to Southeast Ministry since January 2014 and has been involved in our GED preparation class, as well as our job readiness program. “I like coming to Southeast Ministry because it’s a very supportive organization, you have great teachers, and you learn quite a lot,” Linda said.

When asked what she has accomplished while at Southeast Ministry, Linda mentioned a few of her most recent successes, “I passed my CASAS test with great scores, now I’m enrolled in the STAY program in another school going for my high school diploma.”

The STAY program is an alternative adult high school. There are numerous reasons why this is an option to help earn a high school diploma for some students. In some cases, the student is supporting a family and needs to earn a living while also going to school.

“And between that I applied for a job and got hired! I’ll be working at the Nationals’ stadium in the Diamond Club, I’m so excited about that,” Linda shared.

We are very proud of Linda and appreciative of her consistency and perseverance!

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