Achieving Our Collective Greatness Now


Ramona Edelin


On Thursday, February 25, Southeast Ministry learners were visited by Ramona Edelin.

Ramona is a scholar, activist, and executive consultant with forty years of experience in leadership to uplift and advance African Americans and the economically disadvantaged. She has served as Executive Director of the District of Columbia Association of Chartered Public Schools since 2006. A nationally respected lecturer, her media presentations include network, public and cable television, radio, print, and other published venues.

During her visit to Southeast Ministry, Ramona gave each learner a copy of her book titled, “We The Village: Achieving Our Collective Greatness Now.”


Ramon Edelin’s book, “We The Village: Achieving Our Collective Greatness Now”

Through a group visioning activity, Ramona used her book to help guide the thinking and dialogue of our learners to find solutions to some of the social issues that affect them personally, as well as communally.

“We need our communities back, when I was younger, we would actually go to Capitol Hill and sit in those meetings with the congressmen, and those other meetings where things actually happened,” said Timothy Glover, a SEM learner.

“I mean, in just those few pages of the book we read today, I feel like I need to do something. There’s more to do out here other than stand on the corner and rob or steal. The younger generation, like me, needs to do something more positive out here,” said SEM learner, Courtney Williams.

The group visioning session ended with a strong sense that it would lead to positive action by the SEM learners involved.

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