Annual Report

Our annual report gives the current standing of Southeast Ministry and explains in detail what SEM is. The 2014-2015 annual report is our most recent report, which gives the most current information available. The report gives our financial information breakdown, information about our learners’ success, and a description of our programs.

Notable accomplishments for SEM during 2014-2015 include the fact that we assisted over 350 individuals with GED fees and referrals for housing, childcare, food, and clothing. Of the 287 individuals we initially assessed for our ABE and GED preparation class, we successfully helped 58 adult learners achieve grade level gains, with 57 learners entering employment (full-time and part-time), while 52 of our learners opened checking/savings accounts after taking financial literacy class.

We encourage you to take a moment to read our annual report, thank you.


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Annual Report 2014-2015 [PDF Version]


Annual Report 2012-2013 [PDF Version]